Value Methodology



The Jones Simply Sales Business Value Methodology uses a traditional management consulting framework to base suggestions and recommendations on facts, findings, and conclusions uncovered during interviews and surveys.  The goal of this methodology is help small business owners to identify, prioritize and select the best mix of technology tools and management systems to maximize business value.

The Business Value Methodology consists of five steps:


  1. Assess
  2. Analyze
  3. Suggest
  4. Deploy
  5. Measure


The assessment phase consists of interview and surveys to understand your business, the current environment, and your business goals.



Conduct interviews with key stakeholders involved in generating sales.  The focus is on understanding your business, including your products and services, who your customers are, and how you currently market and sell to them.

During the interviews, we will uncover things you do well and areas that can be improved.  We will also learn about your competition and your competitive strategy.

Finally, we will discuss your strategic plan and where you want your business to be in the next 5-10 years.


Surveys will be administered to key stakeholders and others involved in the sales process.

Survey questions and general questions on sales efficiency will be developed based on input uncovered during the interviews.

The survey will include both quantitative and qualitative questions, allowing participants to rate performance and provide open and candid feedback.  All survey input will be anonymous and be administered using technology.


Review and analyze survey and interview input, compare and contrast to industry and functional best practices, and prioritize value drivers.

Best Practices

Input from multiple sources will be analyzed in conjunction with the information uncovered from the interviews and surveys to create facts and findings, which would become the basis for developing suggestions and recommendations.


Suggestions and recommendations on people, process and technology initiatives that would close the gap between the current environment and best practices.


Deliverables Include: 

  • A report and review of the facts, findings, conclusions, suggestions and recommendations.
  • Options for implementing each initiative identified.  Potential resources required to implement the initiatives, including costs.  
  • A road map for implementing the initiatives over a time line, including “quick hit” projects that can be done right away.


Implement the top suggestions and recommendations. This can be done solely by the customer, supported by Simply Sales, or fully outsourced.


There are 3 options for deploying the top initiatives indentified in the Suggestion phase:

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Partner with Jones Simply Sales
  3. Outsource the initiative

Do It Yourself - This option works the best if you have the capabilities and time, and want to take a hands on role in implementing the initiative.

Partner - Jones Simply Sales offers many products and services and has experience implementing them with small businesses.  If you don’t have the capability, but do have the time, we can help you.

Outsource - Jones Simply Sales has partnerships with a diverse set of technology and social media companies who provide hardware, software, cloud computing, and social media solutions for small businesses.  If you don’t have the capability or time, this may be the best option.


Measure the impact of implementing the top improvement initiatives and the value derived from them.

Numbers don’t lie.  They are the foundation in which all businesses track results.  For any business focused on improving results, measurements are a must.

Baseline measurements of the current environment first need to be established, as well as setting goals and objectives for each of the initiatives.

Developing a set of measurements and a tracking system to review results is a critical success factor to ensure the initiatives are delivering the anticipated value.


After selecting the top initiatives, developing an implementation plan, and establishing goals, having an accurate way to measure results will reduce risk and increase the success level of the project or program.

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