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Jones Simply Sales helps Small Business Owners Grow Sales by Leveraging the Power of Technology Tools and Management Systems

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Maximizing Business Value

If you're a small business owner and are having challenges growing top line revenue, you are not alone.  An uncertain economy, regulations, access to capital and increased costs are at the top of the list of things impacting sales growth in small businesses.  Numerous studies have cited sales growth as the #1 challenge small business owners are facing.  So what are you doing about it? As a small business owner, are you working more hours and getting less done?  Are your people less productive?  Working harder is not a sustainable choice. Are you attracting fewer customers?  Are your win rates declining?  Are your current customers leaving you?  Understanding your customers' priorities and expectations are key factors to both attracting and retaining your top source of revenue. Have you contemplated selling your business one day?  Potential buyers may turn away when they find out your business won't function unless you are there?  Maximizing the value of your business today, and in the future, is not as hard as you may think. 


Business Case

Most small business owners have not fully harnessed the power of Technology Tools and Management Systems in their business.  There are many reasons why: time, costs, knowledge, experience, and expertise.  As a result, revenue-generating tasks and activities performed by small business owners and their employees are not at an optimal level.  Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales operations can have a profound impact on growing top-line revenue, while at the same time reducing costs. 


How We Can Help

Jones Simply Sales can help small business owners assess, identify, evaluate and prioritize technology and process-based management systems that will allow them to more effectively and efficiently:

  • Attract new customers
  • Ensure current customers are satisfied
  • Streamline sales operations 
  • Increase win rates 
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your people 
  • Optimize the value of your business

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There are simpler ways to grow sales than working harder, 

and Jones Simply Sales can help!


Dick Jones

Founder & President 

Jones Simply Sales, LLC 


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